What do the flag colors mean?

How is flag color calculated?

Buoyweather’s flag colors are automatically generated and use both wind speed and wave height in the calculation.


How to use the flags?

The flags are meant to be a quick indicator of overall conditions for all mariners in all types of craft, not necessarily whether the seas are “fishable.” Vessel characteristics are not factored in to our flag color calculation.

It’s absolutely essential to check the rest of the forecast along with flag color to determine conditions where you are going, as the flags alone might not always provide the full picture.


Issues with flag color shown?

If you believe the flag color is inappropriate given the forecasted conditions, write in to support@buoyweather.com! Please attach a screenshot of the forecast and send us the URL or decimal coordinates for the location in question. Provide as much information as you can to help the customer service agent identify the issue you're bringing to our attention.

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