How can I contact Buoyweather?

Important notes

  • Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our Help Desk articles.
  • When contacting Support, use the email on your account and/or attach some kind of proof of purchase or ownership



Write to from the email address associated with your account.


Through the app

Click Help & Support under the Account tab to see our FAQ artickes, and send an email to Support directly from the app.



Through our Help Desk

Click SUBMIT A REQUEST in the top right corner of the webpage



Tips for quick & painless assistance

Attach a screenshot of any issue or forecast you refer to in your message.

Provide coordinates for the location in question.

Contact us from the email address associated with your Buoyweather account. If this is not possible (or you are unsure which email address is on the account), attach some kind of proof of ownership* to your message.

  • Renewal charge on bank statement
  • Last 4 digits of card number, postal code on billing address
  • Screenshot of Buoyweather Premium in app store subscription page
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