How do I enter Lat/Lon values?

Where can I enter coordinates?

To enter a custom location, you must manipulate the URL of the webpage. You can only determine a point up to 2 decimal places.

Note: coordinates cannot be entered from within the app. In the app, you must find your location by navigating around the map view. Use your saved Favorites to navigate quickly to a specific location.


How to enter coordinates in the URL?

Coordinates show on the tooltip above the crosshairs in the center of the chart, as well as in the URL.


To go to a specific location, edit the highlighted numbers below


Once your coordinates have updated, click View 16 day forecast immediately as zooming may alter the position (see subsection below).


When I zoom it changes the position?

The charts zoom into where you have your mouse positioned, not the center of the screen.

Therefore, either click straight into the Custom Forecast page, or change the zoom level through the URL.

The zoom level is the number following the # symbol.

  • 0 = max zoom out
  • 10 = max zoom in
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