Using the charts in the iOS app

How can I move around?

Move: click and drag your finger to move the map.

Zoom: pinch gesture

  • Zoom in: place and hold 2 fingers on the screen and drag them apart
  • Zoom out: place and hold 2 fingers on the screen and pull them together

Time: place your thumb on the timeline at the bottom of the screen and drag left/right to navigate the 16-day forecast, or the timestep buttons to the right of the timeline.


How can I use the interactive chart?

Hit the 3 horizontal lines in the top right of the chart view to open the map layers you can toggle between:

  • Wave Height
  • Wave Period
  • Wind
  • Sea Temperature
  • Bathymetry

Note: toggling between layers will not change the timestamp you're looking at.

A legend in the top left corner of the chart screen can be used to determine details.


How can I access a specific location forecast?

Position the crosshairs over your location of interest and hit View Forecast (center-bottom of app screen) to be taken to the classic Buoyweather Custom Location Forecast page.


How can I enter specific coordinates?

1. Head to the mobile website and use these instructions to enter specific coordinates: How do I enter Lat/Lon values?

2. Then, save the spot as a favorite: Saving Favorite locations on the website

3. Then access the saved favorite from the app with the click of a button.


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