Where is the 7-day forecast?

Buoyweather now offers just one forecasting model, LOTUS. This new forecast model combines cutting edge prediction technology with NOAA's Wavewatch III to give you more accurate wind and wave forecasts. We have been working over the past several years to dial-in this new forecast model, and LOTUS aims to set the new standard for accuracy, reliability, and timing across a broader range of swell types and locations.

LOLA and NCEP have been phased out from Buoyweather.


If you have any feedback regarding forecasts generated by LOTUS, we're keen to hear more about your experience! General or vague feedback helps us identify where we have room for improvement, but specifics* allow us to directly follow up on your feedback. Write in to support@buoyweather.com from the email address associated with your account, and we can log a forecast issue that will subsequently be reviewed by our team.

With more eyes on the water, the system only gets better.


*Specifics we can use to investigate your feedback

  • Exact time/date of observation.
  • Exact location (decimal coordinates) of observation.
  • What was forecasted? A screenshot of the forecast at the moment you were looking at it helps us identify the issue you describe.
  • What conditions did you encounter? A description and any photo/video evidence showing the state of the sea is a great resource for us to work from.
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