How do I upgrade to Premium in the app?

You can subscribe to Buoyweather Premium directly with us on our website, or through the app with Apple or Google Play.
  • You only need 1 Buoyweather account, with 1 subscription to access Buoyweather Premium from all your devices. Just log in under the email address you used to subscribe.
If you subscribe through the app; your subscription will be managed by Apple or Google Play.
Renewal charges will read "" or "GOOGLE*SURFLINE". Accordingly, you will need to manage your app store subscription through the relevant app store.
  • If you are paying through PayPal, this indicates your subscription was made through the app store.
How to manage a subscription with Apple
How to manage a subscription with Google Play

Upgrading to Premium through the app

1) In your Account, tap the green Upgrade to Premium button.
2) Choose monthly or annual and take note of local pricing based on your App Store's locationIMG_2280.jpg

I just subscribed through the app, but my account isn't Premium?

Hit the User icon...


...then use the restore button.


If the restore button does not give your Buoyweather account Premium access, please get in touch with and attach a screenshot of Buoyweather Premium in your App Store subscriptions page.


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