I've paid for Premium membership, why can't I access it?


  • Check if you're signed in
  • Check if you're signed in under the email address you subscribed with
  • Write to support@buoyweather.com with some kind of proof that you have a Premium membership

A common reason our customers contact support is to find their Premium subscription. Support agents find this kind of assistance very easy and would be happy to personally assist you through this. Be sure to email support@buoyweather.com (or write in from the app) if you're experiencing any kind of issue.


Logged in correctly?

The first check is whether you are logged in or not. Premium memberships are connected to Buoyweather accounts. If you are not logged in, you cannot possibly access Premium benefits.

If you see an option to sign in, you definitely aren't signed in. If you don't see an option to sign in, you could be logged in under an incorrect email address (one that isn't associated with your Premium membership).

On the website, click Account and then Account Information. From this section of the website, you can see the subscription history on the account and the email address you're logged in under.

Do not attempt to change email address here, this will not help you locate your Premium subscription.



Logged in correctly ✅ but still not Premium ❌

We need to figure out if you subscribed directly with us on our website, or through the app with Apple or Google Play. A charge description on your bank statement should indicate one of the three.


Direct web subscriptions

  • Charge description on bank statement will read BUOYWEATHER (merchant information from Huntington Beach)
  • Direct subs are inextricably linked to the email address you subscribed with

If you know to have subscribed on our website, but aren't getting Premium, your subscription is likely linked with another email address. This could be a different email address or a misspelt email address. If logging out and trying another email address isn't working, don't waste any more time: write to support@buoyweather.com and provide the last 4 digits of the card that paid for the subscription, or screenshot a charge on your bank statement.

We need the proof of payment to a) verify that you're the account holder, and b) to help us search for your subscription on our system.


App Store subscriptions

  • Renewal charge description on bank statement will mention APPLE or GOOGLE
  • Manage from within your Apple ID or Google Play store account
  • NOT inextricably linked to an email address – the Premium subscription can be restored to a Buoyweather account of your choice

If you know to have subscribed through our app, head straight to your app store subs page*. Check that the Buoyweather Premium subscription is active. If it is, head back to the Buoyweather app and try hitting the Restore button from the Account tab. If this doesn't work, it likely means your subscription is linked to another Buoyweather account. Write to support@buoyweather.com with a screenshot of the subscription in the app store subs page.

We need the screenshot of the subscription in your app store subs page to a) verify that you're the owner of the subscription, and b) confirm that the restore process will work as intended.

*iOS: Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions. Android: Google Play app > Profile icon (top right of screen) > Payments & subscriptions > Subscriptions.

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