Should I get a monthly or annual membership?

Year-round users are rewarded with a significant discount when compared with our monthly option, to thank them for their commitment to our Premium service.

By paying a higher rate on the monthly option, you are afforded the flexibility to stop/start your membership so you're only paying for this tool while you really need it.

Which of the above you should choose comes down to math...

Please note that pricing may vary slightly depending on whether you subscribe through Apple, Google Play or with Buoyweather directly. This FAQ is based on Buoyweather Premium pricing for direct memberships as of April 2021.

You will need to know:

  1. How many months you plan on using Buoyweather, per year
  2. Which currency you will be paying with (ILS, GBP AUD, EUR, NZD & USD)
  3. The monthly & annual cost of a membership in your local currency, which can be seen AFTER logging in or creating an account on 

(months you plan on using Buoyweather) x (monthly cost of Premium) = ___________

If the calculated answer is more expensive than the annual value, then you'll save money AND have year-round access to a global forecasting tool by choosing ANNUAL.

If the calculated answer is cheaper, choose our MONTHLY option and enjoy a flexible arrangement you can opt in/out of on a monthly basis.

Again, the cost of a Premium membership (in your local currency) can be seen AFTER logging in or creating an account on

If you'd like to chat with an agent for assistance with this decision, please contact from the email address associated with your Buoyweather account. Be sure to note your currency/location in your email so we can provide a tailored response!

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